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Orthopedic Products

Over my career, I routinely have been asked on a daily basis by patients about common orthopedic products. I have been asked for my endorsement, recommendations, and/or where to purchase. Over the last few years, my routine answer is to refer patients to Amazon.com, as they have become the largest orthopedic brace/product provider. To assist my patients, and/or any other orthopedic patients, I have now gone to the trouble of scouring Amazon.com for products that have come up in discussion. I have confirmed that they are available, of good quality, and of reasonable price. I will compile the list on this webpage to make the process of discovery easier for my patients.

Keep in mind that I am not affiliated with any of the manufactures of these products. Therefore, their quality, availability, and/or pricing are outside of my control. This list is created as a starting point, and/or reference point for patients. I have signed up as an Amazon.com affiliate, so if you use the link to the product from this page, then it will, in fact, pay our office a small commission.

To make sure the links are seen and work, you will need to disable Ad Blocker apps or extensions for this website and/or page.